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Take our fun and virtual Italian cooking classes and learn the tips and tricks to making these wonderful dishes without leaving home.


These classes will be divided into 4 different cooking courses


FRESH PASTA - Is a beautiful simple but delicious dough that is needed, then pressed through a pasta machine or with a roller. It is delicate and has a wonderful texture.


FRESH PIZZA - You will create your own pizza dough from scratch. You will also make a simple but delicious seasoned tomato sauce to go on your pizza. You can add any toppings you would like to make just the way you like to have your pizza.


SEASONED ITALIAN MEATBALLS AND FRESH MARINARA SAUCE - These meatballs are the go-to in every Kiddie Kitchen household. They are packed with flavor especially when you pair them with the amazing fresh sauce you will be making in this video. Two recipes in one dish


GLAZED RICOTTA ITALIAN COOKIES - You can’t have all this amazing food without dessert. These cookies are like little clouds. They are light, sweet and delicious.

Italian - COURSE

  • Here at The Kiddie Kitchen we take safety very seriously. Please go over ingredients once purchase is made, some of our recommended ingredients may contain items your child may be allergic to. If any of the products we recommend contain any ingredients that you or child may be allergic to, then please email us to offer a substitute product to use in the recipe, prior to beginning the cooking classes.

  • All of our classes at The Kiddie Kitchen are expected to done under the supervision of a Parent or Guardian, for the safety of our young chefs.

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