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This series is designed to help you create sweet and savory baking dishes. Learn to start to bake like a pro.


These classes will be divided into 4 different cooking courses


Butter Cake - We will start by baking a professional 6” Butter cake!


Butter Cream Techniques - We will then move on to Butter cream techniques. We’ll Start with dots, move onto scrolls, then do shell borders—and let you experiment.


Marshmellow Fondant - We will show you how to make your own delicious marshmallow fondant for you to start experimenting on different colors and designs


Putting it all Together - Then we will end the classes with your cake covered in buttercream and some fondant decorations! Get as creative as you would like!


  • Here at The Kiddie Kitchen we take safety very seriously. Please go over ingredients once purchase is made, some of our recommended ingredients may contain items your child may be allergic to. If any of the products we recommend contain any ingredients that you or child may be allergic to, then please email us to offer a substitute product to use in the recipe, prior to beginning the cooking classes.

  • All of our classes at The Kiddie Kitchen are expected to done under the supervision of a Parent or Guardian, for the safety of our young chefs.

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