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Let our Kiddie kitchen chef guide you through the varieties of flavor profiles, seasonings, spices and aromas of Asian cooking in the setting of your own home.


These classes will be divided into 4 different cooking courses


FRESH VEGTABLE SPRING ROLLS WITH SWEET AND SOUR DIPPING SAUCE - Learn the technique of using dried rice paper and making these delicious fresh spring rolls that aren't complete without the sweet and sour dipping sauce that can be used for many food items. Two recipes in one dish.


SCALLION PANCAKES AND DIPPING SAUCE - Learn the magic of making your own scallion pancakes, you will never want to try them any other way. They are delicious, crispy, and delicate. Two recipes in one.


JAPANESE SPAGHETTI - Always a number one requested dish. You can use boxed spaghetti or fresh spaghetti (demonstrated in Italian cooking videos) You will love the flavors of this pasta dish!


JAPANESE "FLUFFY" PANCAKES - You will absolutely go nuts over these delicious and delicate pancakes. Take your time and learn this exciting dish. These pancakes are delicious on their own, with jam, fruit or syrup.

Asian - COURSE

  • Here at The Kiddie Kitchen we take safety very seriously. Please go over ingredients once purchase is made, some of our recommended ingredients may contain items your child may be allergic to. If any of the products we recommend contain any ingredients that you or child may be allergic to, then please email us to offer a substitute product to use in the recipe, prior to beginning the cooking classes.

  • All of our classes at The Kiddie Kitchen are expected to done under the supervision of a Parent or Guardian, for the safety of our young chefs.

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