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Are you tired of the same old parties and cannot figure out what to do....? Why not have a cooking party!...

     The Kiddie Kitchen provides an exciting, fun and new way of celebrating an event. Whether it’s a birthday, sleepover, celebration, graduation or a “Just because Party” it can be made an unforgettable memory. You can learn to be creative, discover a hidden potential plus learn cooking techniques that could last a lifetime. What makes The Kiddie Kitchen so unique and exciting is that we took all the work out of having a party for the adult responsible for the party arrangements.

     The Kiddie Kitchen comes to you! We set up, bring all of the ingredients for the menu you select. We also provide the pots, pans, graters, cooking utensils, gadgets and other equipment needed for the event to be fun and successful. We give you personal invitations, and bring all of the goody bags for the kids. The goody bags have; a chef hat, apron, cooking tools and recipes. The party lasts about 2 hours depending on the menu they have selected. When the event is over, we break down our set up and clean up our area, leaving your home just the way it was when we arrived! We have been featured on the Education Notebook on Channel 12 numerous times plus Norwalk Beat and Connecticut Magazines.

Have you seen Chef Neena and the Kiddie Kitchen TV?

In this episode, you can see Chef Neena and her assistant chefs cooking seasoned french fries from scratch!